About Me

Nathaniel Certeza is a cellist, producer, and artist intending to demolish the concepts of musical rules while providing a breath of fresh air to mainstream audiences. His songs present a dynamic variety of styles and influences paired together; elements of his writing contain sentiments of popular music but are combined with an intellectual twist. He grew up thinking of music notes like bars on a ladder, but learned how to read classical notation playing the cello, developing his skills for 10+ years. Meanwhile those bars on ladders became MIDI info on an iPad: in the spring of 2020 he quickly took to LogicProX and was able to produce music of quality beyond the limitations of a home studio setup, even going as far as to produce for local clients and studios in the Dallas area.

Nate’s primary influences are DC Talk, NF, and maybe the veggietales silly songs; although slightly embarrassed his upbringing contained such different tracks than others, its provides a unique advantage. The genres he likes right now are j-pop and metal, yet that's always subject to change. His favorite show is SPYXFAMILY, and as for movies is always willing to rewatch Avengers: Infinity War. He loves his mom, dad, brother, sister, family, and friends with all his heart. He loves Jesus even more and will never stop representing who God is. He also has perfect pitch.